Ministry of Education - Scholarship Program

Provincial Scholarships Program

The Ministry of Education launched the redesigned Provincial Scholarships Program in August 2015 and will be moving to full implementation for the 2016/17 school year.

The BC Achievement Scholarship recognizes broad achievement in courses required for graduation and will be awarded to 8,000 graduates in 2016/17. The Graduation Program Examinations Scholarship has been phased out, with the final awards going to 2015/16 graduates.

The BC Excellence Scholarship recognizes service, leadership, and commitment to a career path and will be awarded to 55 well-rounded graduates. Only one nominee selected by the school may apply for this scholarship. The application process has been simplified; nominees apply directly to the Ministry with verification from their principals.

The application deadline for the BC Excellence and Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships is now February 15, 2017.